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Governance Policy

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Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Group (‘Quinbrook’) aims to protect and enhance the value of invested assets for the long term benefit of our investors through the proactive identification and management of the environmental, social and governance aspects of those investments. This includes taking measures to improve expected financial returns by mitigation of ESG risks through thoughtful decision making that adheres to our policies and investment strategy. The creation of both financial and non-financial value that benefits our communities and the environments in which we operate is a core objective.

We believe that the integration of ESG considerations into our investment management and ownership processes better equips us to anticipate, plan for and avoid certain risks whilst also identifying opportunities to improve the resilience of, and add further value to, our managed assets.

Our mandate as a low carbon infrastructure investor is inherently tied to climate risk mitigation through investments that deliver enduring carbon emissions reduction. However, our focus on ESG extends beyond this, to job creation, improved governance, greater community engagement and reduced environmental impacts from the daily operation of our assets. Our investing and asset management activities support many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and they provide a framework for us to follow. We aim to differentiate ourselves as an investment manager by our ability to achieve tangible ESG outcomes, by acting consistently in accordance with our ESG policies and by being a thoughtful, active and responsible manager of infrastructure assets. We will work to always foster a culture of ethical behaviour and integrity within our firm and the wider network of people and organisations we interact with.

The purpose of our ESG Policy is to clearly articulate Quinbrook’s approach to integrating ESG factors into our investment analysis and selection, ongoing decision making, monitoring, management, stakeholder engagement and our contribution to the wider infrastructure investment community. Consistently with this conviction, Quinbrook is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and also a foundation sponsor of The Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College Business School in London.

Our co-founder David Scaysbrook, is an active member of the inaugural PRI Infrastructure Advisory Committee and also a member of the Advisory Board and Management Committee for the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment.

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