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Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is a specialist value add investment manager that originates, acquires, constructs, operates and manages, direct investments in lower carbon and renewable energy infrastructure assets and businesses.

Our current portfolio of managed assets includes both operational businesses and development projects in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Cape Byron Power


Quinbrook currently manages the Cape Byron Infrastructure Fund (www.capebyronpower.com) on behalf of a leading UK institutional investor. Cape Byron Power consists of two 100% owned 30 MW biomass fired power stations located on the NSW north coast that generate both renewable electricity and steam for local sugar milling operations. Cape Byron Power’s portfolio forms one of the largest base load renewable power generators in Australia and employs more than 50 full time operational employees. The electricity is predominantly produced from bagasse which is a sugar cane milling waste, along with certain types of wood residues and energy crops, commonly referred to as biomass fuel. Quinbrook provides both financial and operational asset management under long term agreements.


Gas Peaking

Lockyer Energy is a gas peaking development project located in south east Queensland, Australia which is 100% owned by the Quinbrook managed Low Carbon Power Fund. Permits and approvals have been granted for up to 1,000MW of gas peaking generation capacity intended to support the integration of intermittent renewables in the National Electricity Market. Stage 1 of Lockyer plans to employ 132 MW of the very latest aero derivative gas turbines with both ‘fast start’ and flexible load following capability that offers a solution to relieve reliability issues arising from the rapid installation of solar and wind generation in the power grid.

Energy Trade

Smart Grid

Energy Trade is an ‘embedded networks’ businesses providing ‘behind the meter’ power and related infrastructure investment and operational services to communities of dedicated energy consumers Energy Trade is first ‘smart grid’ investment made by Quinbrook from the Low Carbon Power Fund and is a precursor to more ’ behind the meter’ strategies which in Quinbrook’s view, are shaping up to be one of the more compelling growth opportunities in the transition of current power markets.

Reserve Power Holdings

Gas Reserve Peaking

Reserve Power Holdings ('RPH') is Quinbrook’s company for creating a distributed gas peaking generation platform that will develop, construct, own and operate a diverse portfolio of projectslocated at multiple sites across the United Kingdom. To date, RPH has assembled a c. 200MW portfolio of both operational and development stage assets located across 10 sites in England, Wales and Scotland. Construction was completed by Quinbrook at the first site, Brecon in Wales, in Q4 2018. The 21MW site is now operational with the first power exported to the grid in November of 2018. Three further c.20MW sites in England are scheduled to be commissioned and revenue generating in Q3 2019 with a further six sites expected to commence construction over the course of 2019. Quinbrook is creating an ‘in house’ organisation owned by RPH that will undertake the day to day operations and maintenance of the RPH portfolio. 

Scout Clean Energy

Onshore Wind

Quinbrook acquired 100% of Scout Clean Energy LLC (‘Scout’) in early 2017 (www.scoutcleanenergy.com). Scout is a highly experienced wind-power project developer in the United States which is advanced in its plans to create a large scale, vertically integrated wind power platform that develops, constructs, owns and operates a portfolio of utility scale wind projects across a geographically diverse collection of US markets. The operational and development portfolio currently exceeds 3,000 MWs across 10 sites located in 10 States.  The Scout team has experience in all aspects of wind power development, permitting, power marketing, finance, construction and asset management.

Persimmon Creek Wind Farm


Ranchero Wind Farm

Scout Clean Energy - Persimmon Creek

Onshore Wind

Persimmon Creek is a 200MW wind farm located in Woodward County that reached commercial operations in late August 2018. Persimmon is 75% owned by Scout which is a portfolio company of the Low Carbon Power Fund. Quinbrook and Scout jointly arranged over USD 190 million of tax equity finance from a consortium of investors led by GE EFS and over USD 252 million of construction debt. Persimmon was acquired by Quinbrook to bring to the portfolio a strong wind resource, community support, low environmental risks, and competitive pricing. Persimmon employs the latest technology GE wind turbines and is operated by GE under a Warranty, Operations and Management Agreement. Scout’s team undertakes many of the day to day asset management functions for Persimmon.

Scout Clean Energy - Ranchero

Onshore Wind

The 300 MW Ranchero project is 100% owned by Scout and was developed from ‘greenfield’ inception by the Scout team. Ranchero is currently under construction after successfully attracting construction financing, including letters of credit, from KeyBank. GE EFS underwrote and committed a portion of the tax equity. Ranchero occupies over 32,000 acres of sparsely populated ranchland in central Texas, capturing a robust wind resource within the ERCOT power market.

Gemini Solar Project

Solar PV

The 690MW Gemini Solar Project is located in Nevada on nearly 44,000-acres of Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) supervised property approximately 25 miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas. Gemini is 100% owned by the Low Carbon Power Fund and is being actively developed by Arevia Power, Quinbrook’s project development partner.
Gemini is projected to be one of the largest solar PV projects in US history, and was the largest announced solar/battery storage project in the world as at June 2019. Gemini has advanced plans to feature solar PV teamed with large scale battery storage technology occupying up to 7,100 acres of BLM land generating low-cost renewable power for the people of Nevada. The BLM is undertaking an environmental review of the site in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended (NEPA). Construction is expected in begin in 2022.

Glidepath Power Solutions

Distributed Power Solutions

Quinbrook’s Low Carbon Power Fund acquired 100% of Glidepath Power Solutions (https://glidepath.net/) in mid-2017. Glidepath is a Chicago, US based developer of distributed power solutions with particular development experience in battery storage projects.  Glidepath’s current operational projects include:

Dandan Solar Project

Meyersdale Battery Storage

Huntsman Wind Portfolio

Dandan Solar Project

Solar PV

The Dandan Solar Project is a 25MW solar PV generation project owned and operated by GlidePath on the U.S. Territory of Guam. Dandan began commercial operations in 2015 and uses over 120,000 solar panels to generate renewable power that is sold under long-term contact to the Guam Power Authority (‘GPA’).  GPA provides energy to homes and businesses throughout Guam as well as Naval Base Guam and Anderson Air Force Base.

Meyersdale Battery Storage

Battery Storage

The Meyersdale Storage Project is a battery storage project owned and operated by GlidePath and located in western Pennsylvania adjacent to GlidePath’s 30MW Meyersdale Wind Project.  Meyersdale Battery Storage began commercial operations in 2015 and uses 18MW of lithium-ion batteries to provide fast-responding frequency regulation services to the PJM wholesale power market.

Huntsman Wind Portfolio

Onshore Wind

Glidepath acquired the 243 MW Huntsman operational wind power portfolio in late 2017. The portfolio is diversified across seven projects located in three states (Pennsylvania, West Virginia and California).

A summary of each of the Huntsman assets is below:

Meyersdale Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 30MW Location: Somerset County, PA

Meyersdale Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operation in 2003 and features 20 1.5-megawatt NEG Micon wind turbines.

Waymart Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 64.5MW Location: Wayne County, PA

Waymart Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 2003 and features 43 1.5-megawatt GE wind turbines.

Cabazon Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 39MW Location: Riverside County, CA 

Cabazon Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 1999 and features 51 750-kilowatt Zond wind turbines and one 600-kilowatt RRB Energy wind turbine.

Diablo Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 20.5MW Location: Alameda County, CA

Diablo Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 2004 and features 31 660-kilowatt Zond wind turbines.

Somerset Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 9MW Location: Somerset County, PA

Somerset Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 2001 and features six 1.5-megawatt GE wind turbines.

Mountaineer Wind Energy Centre

Project Size: 66MW Location: Tucker & Preston Counties, WV

Mountaineer Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 2002 and features 44 1.5-megawatt NEG Micon wind turbines.

Mill Run Wind Energy Centre 

Project Size: 15MW Location: Fayette County, PA

Mill Run Wind Energy Centre is a wind farm which began commercial operations in 2001 and features 10 1.5-megawatt GE wind turbines.


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