Pipeline of green data centers
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About our Green Data Center focus

Global technology companies have announced aggressive Net Zero commitments and are well advanced in procuring renewables to power their existing and future operations. Given the large load requirements of new build data centers, Quinbrook believes that ‘zero carbon’ power demand will rise significantly along with new investment in data centers  powered by renewables.

Quinbrook believes that the intersection of the explosive growth in demand for energy intensive data storage and low-cost renewable power supply to new data centers constitutes one of the most significant opportunities in the new-build energy infrastructure market globally. Quinbrook’s portfolio companies engage in the identification, development and construction of new sites supplied by renewable power that can host large scale data centers. These sites are expected to offer both compelling cost advantages for data center operators, high resiliency and low or zero carbon energy supply to help meet their Net Zero commitments. Many sites are also expected to feature co-located or adjacent renewables supply infrastructure that can supply at low cost under long-term revenue contracts.

  • Data centers are massive consumers of energy and power costs make up the largest share of a data center’s ongoing operating costs at an average of 40%.
  • Data centers are currently a major contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, data centers account for 2% of total GHG emissions.
  • Quinbrook has formed a joint venture with Birch Infrastructure, an experienced and specialized US-based data center development team and has secured exclusive development rights over a >2 GW pipeline of prospective data center sites located in key US markets.
  • A similar strategy is being pursued by Quinbrook in Australia in order to serve the booming Asia Pacific data center market.

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