Biomass project by Cape Byron


New South Wales, Australia

Year acquired

Commissioned in 2008, Cape Byron is one of the largest base load generators of renewable power in Australia. Cape Byron Management purchased the Broadwater and Condong power stations in November 2013 and has continued to implement a range of efficiency, reliability and environmental improvements. Since taking over the power stations annual renewable energy generation has increased by more than 20% at both Broadwater and Condong.

Cape Byron Power operates the Condong Cogeneration Plant. This exists alongside the sugar mill, which has been part of the community for over 140 years. The Condong Plant contributes to the local economy, supporting the sugar cane industry and directly employs 25 people. The power to operate the sugar mill is generated primarily from bagasse, a waste product from sugar cane. It also provides power that is sold to the grid. This waste product is only available during the sugar cane crush season being from June to December. The use of this waste avoids it being transported elsewhere and potentially going to landfill. Other products are used to fuel the generation of power in the non-crush season (generally January through to mid June).

Cape Byron Management aims to be at the forefront of sustainable biomass practices and has a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, driving fuel procurement according to defined principles of best practice.

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