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Dynamic Containment

Markets in UK

Dispatch to July 2021
103k MWh

If a customer’s batteries are connected to renewable energy assets such as solar, Habitat can help maximise revenue by selling or storing energy when the market is most favourable. Habitat’s AI-based systems – overseen by experienced energy traders – forecast the best times for customers to go to market. This means that revenue is maximised whilst risk is minimised.

The trading all takes place through Habitat’s energy accounts, without any need for customers to set up or manage their own.

How customers benefit:

  • Easy access to Day Ahead, Intraday, Balancing, Imbalance and ancillary service markets (Dynamic Containment (UK), FCAS (Australia), Frequency Response etc.)
  • Expertly managed, immediately available routes to market
  • Consistently high rates of return on investment
  • Extended battery life through advanced asset management
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