Renewable firming project by Lockyer Energy

Lockyer Energy Project

Queensland, Australia

Year Acquired

The Lockyer Energy Project is designed to help facilitate a transition of Queensland’s energy system away from coal by providing “firming” power to provide energy when wind or solar power is not available. Using batteries, the Project is intended to harvest and store energy from the grid during periods of high generation from solar and wind farms. In combination with gas turbines, this energy will then be used to provide power during peak periods or when power from wind and solar is not available. The Lockyer Energy Project is fully permitted for up to 6 gas turbines and up to 1,000 MW of electricity generation capacity.

The site is strategically located north of Gatton in South East Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, where more than 60% of the state’s load is located. Stage 1 is a 132 MW project located adjacent to key existing infrastructure facilities and takes advantage of existing spare capacity in the electrical and gas transmission systems available at the site which feed the larger Brisbane metropolitan and outer urban regions.

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