Battery project by Glidepath

Prospect Storage

Texas, United States

Year acquired

Having reached commercial operations in December 2019, Prospect Storage was one of the earliest stand-alone storage assets in ERCOT. The project is located in Brazoria, Texas and features a 9.9MW/9.9MWh lithium-ion battery. Prospect Storage does not have a power contract and currently sells ancillary services into the spot market.

GlidePath focused on keeping costs down and expects to remain competitive, despite the lack of a capacity market in ERCOT. The ERCOT market is predicting both record demand and historically low reserve margins. Simultaneously, variability from renewable generation is increasing. These factors all make the ERCOT market a great fit for storage, which can increase reliability for the grid and clamp down on price spikes.

Target Outcomes:
  • 9.9 MW grid support capacity
  • Over 4 Years in Operation
  • >$4.5M in lifetime community benefits through wages paid, lease payments, property taxes, and tax abatement programs over the life of the project.
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