Battery Storage project by Supernode

Supernode BESS

Brisbane, Australia

Year Acquired

South Pine switchyard is where over 80% of all power capacity located in Queensland transmits to. This location is the ‘supernode’ of the Queensland electricity grid. As well as being capable of hosting up to 800MW- IT of capacity, the site will also host a large-scale battery energy storage system (‘BESS’) up to 2,000 GWh. The BESS can provide further supply resiliency for the data centre campus, and also provide critical back-up for the Queensland power system.

Target Outcomes:
  • Back-up power resiliency for data centre operators
  • A major power load connected at the central node of the Queensland electricity grid providing grid support services by increasing minimum system operation demand needed to help ensure a stable power system
  • May reduce the risk of blackouts for Queensland homes and businesses
  • The BESS may also help resolve zonal flow constraints to enhance investments in the REZ and defer grid upgrades
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