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Increased renewables adoption requires an updated power grid that can effectively manage variable output from wind and solar power generation and manage peak power demand periods with a variety of tools, including demand side flexibility and widespread demand response. The combination of falling costs and technology advancement in solar and battery storage has also driven recent growth in distributed-power supply and digital energy management solutions. These projects are referred to as ‘distributed’ because they are often located at customer sites ‘behind-the-meter’ and displace or reduce the customer’s reliance on grid delivered power. Quinbrook aims to be at the forefront of this important industry evolution which incorporates Community Energy Networks, smart-grids, electrification of vehicles and the growth of VPPs that aggregate multiple sites into valuable and manageable grid resources  that are set to become a growing feature of the energy transition.

Quinbrook believes that distributed (or behind-the-meter) renewables and storage projects located on either (i) commercial, industrial premises and campus style installations or (ii) in or adjacent to high density communities, is a significant sub-sector in the transformation of the production and consumption of energy and offers a scalable growth opportunity. Quinbrook also views advances in machine learning and AI to offer significant value add potential through integration and optimization of Distributed Energy Solutions projects. As businesses and community organizations seek to gain greater security over the cost, reliability and carbon intensity of their electricity supply, co-located supply infrastructure and integration services could experience significant growth.

Existing Investments
  • Quinbrook is an experienced investor in Community Energy Networks via portfolio company Energy Trade with over 328 sites already assembled in the commercial and high-density residential building sector, integrating buildings with ‘behind-the-meter’ solar, battery storage, smart meter, broadband internet, hot water utilities and EV charging stations.
  • Quinbrook’s portfolio company, Energy Locals, is an independent energy retailer operating in Australia and was selected to partner with Tesla and the South Australian Government in launching what is planned to be the world’s largest Virtual Power Plant trial, the SA VPP. The SA VPP is designed to firm energy supply to be able to provide electricity during grid outages and provide more affordable energy to multiple dwellings with a target of eventually servicing 50,000 homes.

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