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Flexitricity optimises Gore Street Capital’s 19.5MW Larport Farm battery and their 10MW Breach Farm battery from its 24/7 control room in Edinburgh. The batteries deliver frequency response services to National Grid, and are also traded in the day ahead and intraday energy markets, and directly with National Grid in the Balancing Mechanism.

In addition, Flexitricity also offers a 24/7 energy trading optimisation service and access to the Balancing Mechanism – one of the most important tools which National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand in real-time. This service is available as part of Flexitricity’s energy supply contract or now also as a standalone service through Balancing Mechanism Wider Access.

Next steps

Energy storage has a growing role to play on the system and the market is set to continue to grow rapidly. Gore Street Capital intends to lead the way and is planning on developing more and larger battery storage projects.

Gore Street Capital is a market leader for energy storage in the UK. The company now has 210MW of battery energy storage systems in operation and a pipeline of shovel-ready and funded sites set to expand this significantly in the near future. The team is increasingly focused on larger systems and is set for continued rapid growth as the industry grows.

John-Michael Cheshire, Principal at Gore Street Capital:

“Since starting working together we have been impressed with Flexitricity’s overall level of service for the two systems managed on our behalf. Energy storage is necessary to facilitate the projected increase in renewable generation due to growing intermittency introduced to the system, and we recognise the Flexitricity team’s deep understanding around battery storage which has facilitated the optimisation of revenue opportunities available to us to-date. As we anticipate the market’s continued growth trajectory and expansion into additional income streams, we will continue to leverage the team’s capabilities in helping us to achieve our goals.”

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