Solar project by Scout Clean Energy


Guam, United States

Year acquired

Dandan is a 36.6 MW solar project located in Inalåhan, Guam USA.

The project began commercial operations in October 2015 and operates under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with the Guam Power Authority, an investment grade independent agency that is the sole supplier of electricity to the island. When GlidePath acquired Dandan in 2019, the asset was significantly under-performing.

GlidePath has increased Dandan’s production 8.7% by diagnosing and implementing long-term solutions to technical and management problems that had previously plagued the project.

Under GlidePath’s ownership, the project has also been refinanced and expansion is under development. This has allowed GlidePath to developed a strong relationship with island power authority and embed itself in community as the island advances towards its 100% renewable goal.

Target Outcomes:
  • 36.6 MW
  • 5+ Years in Operation
  • >$8M in lifetime community benefits through wages paid, lease payments, property taxes, and tax abatement programs

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